Weruva canned Dog Food Review

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Weruva canned wet Dog Food is what our dogs get daily. I use one can per day, split between the dogs, as a dog food topper mixed in with their dry kibble. I love the Weruva company for what they stand for and how they prepare their high quality dog food.

I was looking for something to put on their dog kibble as a food topper to give more flavor and nutrients. I started using Swanson low sodium chicken broth to pour over their dog food and they loved it, so I still use this at times to change things up.

Although the Swanson chicken broth was great as a dog food topper and offered not only flavor and protein, I wanted to give the dogs something with more substance.

After researching canned dog food, I found most people use and love Weruva for their dogs. My cousin owns a 3-store chain of dog food and supplies stores in California and Weruva is one of the dog food brands that sell the most.

History of Weruva

Weruva was founded over ten year’s ago by David & Stacie Forman and is still proud to be family owned and operated. Weruva was inspired by, and named after the founder’s three rescued cats by combining their names; Webster, Rudi and Vanessa.

With the search for “The Best Cat Food Under the Sun” never seeming to end, David & Stacie thought, “Let’s give it a shot ourselves…” and gathered the best ingredients from around the world, formulated some fantastic recipes and created Weruva.

When they were lucky enough to have their rescued dog Baron enter the family, they decided to expand their products to include dog food. Their desire for more innovative, healthy pet products could not be stopped and they continued to dream up and produce some of the best products for pets and their people.

Leia LOVES her Weruva paw lickin’ chicken!

Weruva has expanded their product offerings to include four cat wet food brands, two dog wet food brands, dry dog food, treats, pumpkin supplements and even litter!

Weruva Quality Control, Safety & Ingredients

Weruva always strives to be more than just a pet food company. They are obsessive over Safety and Quality Control and only produce products in BRC/USDA Approved Facilities; arguably the highest standards for human-food production.

Weruva also sources responsible and sustainable raw materials. You will be happy to know Weruva uses Cage-Free Chickens, Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb, and Wild-Caught Fish. Did we mention everything is GMO-Free?

The original line-up in the Weruva Family of Brands, Weruva Classic Dog can formulas are produced in a BRC-Certified human food facility using many of the ingredients and processes that are used in products made for people.

Weruva features ingredients with a simple focus

Weruva Classic Dog only uses the highest-quality cuts of meat like boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken, grass-fed Australian Beef and hand-flaked fish loins.

This entire dog food line is carnivore focused with high protein and low carbs. Weruva ingredients maintain a natural look and recognizable texture which allows the pet parent to see and understand the ingredients…so what you see is what you get!

What is Paw Lickin’ Chicken? Give me an order of chicken breast, hold the veggies, hold the grains. In fact, hold everything. And while you’re at it, make it free of added antibiotics, free of added hormones and cage free.

Lick those paws clean with our boneless, skinless, white breast chicken in a sumptuous gravy… Yummy! Awesome Happy, Awesome Healthy. We hope your furry friends love Weruva as much as our own pets!

Give Weruva a try. It’s rated very high by dog owners and their dogs. I tried it as well, as I do all the food I get for my dogs.

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